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Fun Kids Planes Game

” Fun Kids Planes Game ” is a children’s adventure game with an interesting gameplay, simple tasks, running on the Android operating system. The presented project was created by Raz Games. 
Fun Kids Planes Game
Running ” Fun Kids Planes Game“by going from the main menu to the second page, a selection of planes will appear. Initially, three aircraft are available to you. They differ in shape and color, but the characteristics of the presented options are the same. Then a selection of locations will appear. Only one map is available at the initial stage. , you will proceed to the gameplay. The runway will appear on the screen, on which the previously selected aircraft is located. After familiarizing yourself with the controls, you can take off. To do this, just press and hold your finger. udet lose altitude. You must use the clicks to control aircraft, to select a suitable height for the flight. Flying a short distance, the screen will appear different objects. First you will see a white and red rings. It is advisable to fly into them. Also on the location there are quite a few yellow stars. This is the main currency that must be collected. Often there are multicolored balloons. There are also stars in them, so try to burst them. It will bring even more currency. Periodically, you can find gift wrapping. After the end of the game process, you will be able to open the box.
Fun Kids Planes Game
The main goal is to fly to the finish line, collect asterisks at the same time, earn currency. After completing the task, an additional page will appear. It will display the user’s achievements. Balls will also appear on this page. Clicking on them (bursting them), you can earn even more currency. If you managed to pick up a gift box, be sure to open it. With her money may fall, it is also possible to get some kind of pet. Using the previously earned asterisks, you can buy new planes, discover locations. However, such changes will not change the gameplay. The game has only one mode.
Fun Kids Planes Game
The developers made good graphics. To her there are no questions, comments. Management is easy, because you only need to use single tapas. The gameplay is interesting, it is perfect for a children’s audience. The project is distributed free of charge. Install the adventure game ” Fun Kids Planes Game ” for Android OS.

Fun Kids Planes Game

How to play “Fun Kids Planes Game” on PC

To play any android game on your pc you will have to need a good Android emulator.

So, first of all, you have to download the Android emulator. Here we recommend you to download BlueStacks.

You can download BlueStacks latest version from their Official Site

  • Step 1: Download Blue Stack
  • Step 2: Now you have to install it on your PC
  • Step 3: Double click on the setup that you have downloaded from BluseStacks official website
  • Step 4: Follow the setup wizard`s step by step process to install the BlueStacks
  • Step 5: When it is installed you have to login with your Google Play credentials. The interface is more like your Android phone so it will be very easy for you to navigate through it
  • Step 6: Now enter the name “_” in the search bar
  • Step 7: Download the APK file now
  • Step 8: Double click to install once the download is complete
  • Step 9: Your game is now ready to play

Download Fun Kids Planes Game APK 

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