Download & Play Powerpuff Yourself – Super Chips Free for PC

Powerpuff Yourself - Super Chips

“Powerpuff Yourself – Supercrumb” is a free android game that belongs to the subcategories “Creativity” and “Arcade”, by the standards of the Internet portal of Google Play applications. After starting the application, the user must grant him permission to access the memory of the smartphone. This is necessary to save the game progress on the device, as well as for more correct operation of the game.
Powerpuff Yourself - Super Chips
After all the introductory actions, the user is shown several developer logos, the interface and additional data are loaded, the player agrees to the terms of the privacy policy and goes to the main menu of the creative arcade. At the top of the main section is the name and logo of the application. Using the gear icon in the upper right corner, you can visit the parameters section. In the central part of the main menu there is such a button-the inscription “Become a super-baby”, which will open the game interface for each player.
Powerpuff Yourself - Super Chips
Inside the “Powerpuff Yourself – Super Chips”, the user must create their own in-game character. In the bottom of the creation interface, there are icon buttons for changing the shape and color of the face, eyes, mouth, hairstyle and beard. At the bottom of this interface is a panel for selecting colors. In the upper side of the screen there are 3 such buttons, icons: “Undo” – cancel the perfect action; “Delete” – to return the hero to its original position; “Accept” – confirm the changes and set the skin of the main character as the main one. Once the player has finished editing the character’s appearance, he has to choose a super factor for him (that is, a distinctive character trait). The selected super factor will affect the background image of the photo with the character.
Powerpuff Yourself - Super Chips
As soon as the player finishes specifying all aspects for the main character, a section for editing the final result will open before him. In the upper side of the display, a panel is displayed with the following 4 screen keys: “Image”, “GIF” and “No” – choose between a static image, animated and its absence; “Text” – customize the display of the character trait at the top of the picture. In the bottom side of the screen there are such buttons-inscriptions: “Download” – download the result to your device, to share it with friends or colleagues afterwards; “Edit” – go back to the interface editing appearance; “Home” – back to the main section of the android-program “Powerpuff Yourself – Super Chips”.

Powerpuff Yourself - Super Chips

How to play “Powerpuff Yourself – Super Chips” on PC

To play any android game on your pc you will have to need a good Android emulator.

So, first of all, you have to download the Android emulator. Here we recommend you to download BlueStacks.

You can download BlueStacks latest version from their Official Site

  • Step 1: Download Blue Stack
  • Step 2: Now you have to install it on your PC
  • Step 3: Double click on the setup that you have downloaded from BluseStacks official website
  • Step 4: Follow the setup wizard`s step by step process to install the BlueStacks
  • Step 5: When it is installed you have to login with your Google Play credentials. The interface is more like your Android phone so it will be very easy for you to navigate through it
  • Step 6: Now enter the name “_” in the search bar
  • Step 7: Download the APK file now
  • Step 8: Double click to install once the download is complete
  • Step 9: Your game is now ready to play

Download Powerpuff Yourself – Super Chips APK 

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