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Clash & GO: AR Strategy

” Clash & GO: AR Strategy ” is a strategy for Android OS, in which the user will have to fight against eternal enemies, extract resources, upgrade military facilities, take part in clan battles, and perform difficult tasks. The presented project was created by Elyland Studio. It will not work without the included Internet. 
Clash & GO: AR Strategy
Running Clash & GO: AR Strategy“, you need to log in and enter the player’s nickname. Then you will get to know the girl. She is appointed assistant. The girl will tell you about all the intricacies of the gameplay. It is advisable to listen to her advice. Initially, you are at the main location. It shows the military base consisting of several buildings. It can not be called developed, because the user will have to perform many more actions related to modernization and improvement.
Clash & GO: AR Strategy
First, the girl offers to build a military factory. Please note construction takes a certain amount of time. The first buildings can be erected in a few seconds. Turning to a later stage of the gameplay, such procedures will take hours, even days. By installing a military factory, you can mine the resources that are nearby. This process is performed automatically; the user does not have to manually perform the mentioned work. After a brief conversation with the girl, she proposes to go to a special section. It lists all available enemies. You can attack the opponent’s base. For this you need to hire a military. When you find yourself in a foreign zone, you only need to send your squad. If they manage to destroy all the structures presented, you will receive a certain amount of money and resources. Losing – you just kill your military. In this case, you will have to re-hire them, and this procedure is not cheap.
Clash & GO: AR Strategy
You will find a whole set of tasks. However, you can not perform them. The game has a certain sequence of actions. The user has the opportunity to adhere to it or to deviate from the rules. Both options are correct. The developers used a rather familiar and well-known type of gameplay. However, they added many additional missions and opportunities. It is worth noting the high quality of graphic design. The interface supports the Russian language, the optimization is not bad, the management is simple. Install ” Clash & GO: AR Strategy ” for Android OS for free .

Clash & GO: AR Strategy

How to play “Clash & GO: AR Strategy” on PC

To play any android game on your pc you will have to need a good Android emulator.

So, first of all, you have to download the Android emulator. Here we recommend you to download BlueStacks.

You can download BlueStacks latest version from their Official Site

  • Step 1: Download Blue Stack
  • Step 2: Now you have to install it on your PC
  • Step 3: Double click on the setup that you have downloaded from BluseStacks official website
  • Step 4: Follow the setup wizard`s step by step process to install the BlueStacks
  • Step 5: When it is installed you have to login with your Google Play credentials. The interface is more like your Android phone so it will be very easy for you to navigate through it
  • Step 6: Now enter the name “_” in the search bar
  • Step 7: Download the APK file now
  • Step 8: Double click to install once the download is complete
  • Step 9: Your game is now ready to play

Download Clash & GO: AR Strategy APK 

Clash & GO: AR Strategy

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