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Gacha Life

” Gacha Life ” is a free casual game optimized for modern devices based on the Android operating system. After launching the application, the user is shown the developer logo and the main menu of the software opens before the player. In the upper left corner of the screen displays information about the current version of the game. In the right side of the display there is a button labeled “Restore Data”, which will allow the user to instantly restore game progress by downloading it from the cloud. To go to the gameplay, simply click on any free part of the display. 
Gacha Life
Game interface of the Gacha Life application“does not have Russification, but the purpose of most of the buttons is clear on an intuitive level. The scale of the main character’s level is displayed on the upper side. take them and photograph them in order to share images with friends. In the character editing mode, you can zoom in and out of the model (for more convenience). “BG” – change the picture in the background. Other buttons i-icons in the lower side of the working interface: 
Gacha Life
1. “Gacha” – go to the in-game store section in order to purchase some improvements for your virtual hero. You can buy upgrades for crystals – a conditional in-game currency.

2. “Life” – go to the storyline of the game. In this mode, the user will be able to walk in different locations, communicate with other characters and learn more about the virtual world. 

3. “Games” – look at all the mini-games available to the player. In each of them you can play for free. During the game, you can earn in-game currency and set new records. 

4. “Chat” – go to the chat mode with other players, share your impressions. Chat available from level 10.

Two-dimensional graphics caused the undemanding application to the device on which it stands and runs. The minimum version of the operating system that supports this software is 4.0. You can visit the options inside the casual game by simply clicking on the “Options” icon. From the properties section, you can customize some aspects of the application. ” Gacha Life ” is a fascinating timekiller optimized for modern devices based on the android operating system.

Gacha Life

How to play “Gacha Life” on PC

To play any android game on your pc you will have to need a good Android emulator.

So, first of all, you have to download the Android emulator. Here we recommend you to download BlueStacks.

You can download BlueStacks latest version from their Official Site

  • Step 1: Download Blue Stack
  • Step 2: Now you have to install it on your PC
  • Step 3: Double click on the setup that you have downloaded from BluseStacks official website
  • Step 4: Follow the setup wizard`s step by step process to install the BlueStacks
  • Step 5: When it is installed you have to login with your Google Play credentials. The interface is more like your Android phone so it will be very easy for you to navigate through it
  • Step 6: Now enter the name “_” in the search bar
  • Step 7: Download the APK file now
  • Step 8: Double click to install once the download is complete
  • Step 9: Your game is now ready to play

Download Gacha Life APK 

Gacha Life

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